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May 17, 2011

Everyone smiles in the same language.  ~Author Unknown

There is something really cool about smiles.  Yes, a smile can say a lot.  Sometimes, it is all that is needed.  Words can´t explain what needs to be said, but a smile does the trick.  And, as the quote states, there really is no difference between the smiles in America and the smiles in Turkey.  I can´t say this a lot (there is no difference).

I have this thing on my camera where it can detect people´s smiles.  I think it actually detects teeth, so just making a scary face will set it off as well.  Anyway, when a smile is detected, a picture is taken.  As you may imagine, this can be the source of a lot entertainment.  I mean, sometimes you have to smile really big.  Then there are other times that someone smiles, is detected, then changes his face right as the picture is taken, there fore resulting in no smiles at all.

The point of bringing out the smile camera is to make people laugh.  (Another note: while smiling is great, laughing is a whole lot more fun!) A smile can be contagious…so can a laugh.

Hope at least a few of these smiles cause you to smile.  The people are my host family, Turkish friends at school, and the Americans at TÖMER.

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