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May 12, 2011

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit Sinop for the day.  Sinop is a couple hour drive from Samsun and is the most northern point Turkey.  In other words, I made it as close as I ever will (this year anyway) to Russia that I could be.  Yeah, the entire Black Sea was there, but that is past the point.

It really was just a day trip.  We left around 9 am and were home again at 5 pm (I think…).  About an hour into the trip we stopped on some beach to get out of the car for a few minutes.   We all skipped rocks (or tried to) on the Black Sea.  Then. since it was Mother´s Day, we called my host mom (who was in İstanbul last weekend).  I am proud to say that I can confidently communicate in Turkish on the telephone.  Telephone talk is so so much harder than talking to someone face to face.  You only have the words.  There are no facial expressions or hand gestures.  I never realized what skill it takes to be talk on the phone before this year. 

Mother´s Day.  It is the same day as in the USA.  There it seem as though we usually celebrate with your own mother.  Here, you call every single mother you can think of and wish them a happy Mother´s Day.  I think I talked to 8 or 10 different family members who are mothers on the way to Sinop.  And that is not counting my host mom.

As we arrived in Sinop, in was about 12.30 or so.  We walked around the city for a while, drank our tea at one of the very common outdoor cafes and walked around some more.  One thing I noticed about the Black Sea in Sinop compared to Samsun was how blue it looks (now is the time Brian says the name ‘Black Sea’ is false advertising).  From the top of the bluff (?) overlooking the sea, it seemed to stretch forever and I had never seen such a blue color before. 

We went to eat mantı (Turkish ravioli).  apparently it is supposed to be really good in Sinop.  I usually don´t eat a lot of mantı.  It is covered in yogurt…a very very commonly eaten food in Turkey.  I don´t like it.  But in Sinop you can get the mantı without the yogurt.  Instead I ate my mantı covered in walnuts.  Although I would have never put the two together on my own, it actually tasted really good. 

Before leaving, we went over by the sea again.  The fact that the weather was wonderful really helped the day go over well.  My host dad said that there are a lot of tourists in the summer, but we missed that.  There are a few more photos of the day.  Yes, those things in the water are little jellyfish (at least, I think they are).

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