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Day In Day Out

April 22, 2011

There is a big difference between living somewhere and visiting somewhere.  When you visit a place, you are exploring and learning new things.  You don´t know where the closest grocery store is, or how to find your way out of the park (so to speak).  You don´t worry about what will happen tomorrow, after all, you are on vacation for that exact reason.  You want to get away from daily life and see something new. 

When you live in a place, you have daily moments.  Somethings just happen every day.  A routine is established.  Yes, plans change and there are unexpected changes, but lots just stays the same.  It wouldn´t be described as boring, but as life. 

When you live somewhere, you know what is going on around town (especially when it is a small town). You see the progression of relationships, stories, and jokes.  (And here comes the line to take away), as an exchange student, we lose that at home.  We don´t know all the day in and day out news and little things.


We learn and adapt to our new culture´s day in and day out lifestyle. 

It is one of the slowest and least noticed changes of an exchanger.  You learn to just act like everyone around you.  The natives don´t really notice it.  You don´t really notice it.  It just happens unannounced.  Then when you go back home -WHAM!!-  You realize you have changed.  But how? (I´ll start answering this question June 26th)

That being said, there are a few things I know I have become used to since coming to Turkey, more specifically Samsun and the life that comes with it. 

  • Crossing the streets.  In the USA, the driver is very responsible for not hitting any pedestrians.  Here it is the opposite.  I cross the streets no problem now, that wasn´t the case in September.
  • I recognize people on the streets.  A key sign of being established in a city.  I love seeing people I know.
  • I know where I am (in the city) and don´t ever feel nervous finding my way home..not that I stray from my turf all that often. 
  • Not everything is new and exciting anymore.  It is just life.  Which is amazing.

However (there is always an exception), you do hear the big news from home.  Today, for example.  Not only is it Earth Day, my uncle and aunt´s wedding anniversary, but it is my brother´s 14th birthday. 

So happy birthday Greyson.  I miss you a lot and can´t wait to see you again.  Only 2 months!!!!  I really hope you are having an awesome day and thinking of me a lot (just kidding).  🙂  Keep having fun buddy.

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