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Uzun İşek

February 21, 2011

So, there is this game we play at school sometimes.  Rather, the guys play it and the girls watch.  The name is ‘uzun işek’…long donkey when literally translated.  What it really is is a glorified version of leap-frog.  However, instead of jumping over someone, you jump onto his back.  Yes, it is very dangerous.  In the second and third pictures, you can see how the boys all line up, while the other half wait at the front of the room ready to run and jump (fourth picture).  I had been hearing a lot about this game.  My class finally played it a few weeks ago.  One of the scariest and funniest times I have had at school.  Scary because these teenage guys are jumping onto each others’ backs; funny because they were really getting into it.  At the end of the day, no one got hurt.  But I don´t suggest the playing of the game…not exactly ‘safe’ fun.  Enjoy the photos.  The first is of my classroom during one of the rare times no one else is there (there are 33 kids in my class, so total empty doesn´t happen often).  You can also get a feel for what the uniform looks like, and how we wear so many other clothes until you can´t even see the uniform at all.  🙂    

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